Infinity Chimp 300 W-DMX 4 Universe DMX Console

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Infinity Chimp Moving Light Controllers: the ultimate in user-friendly design. Regardless of the application - touring, rental, theatre, multipurpose venue, education, or house of worship - a Chimp Light Controller provides you with all necessary tools. In-house designed software, based on standard programing syntaxes with encoders and hard-keys, Wireless DMX output (*), and easy-to-use screens: the Chimp Light Controller will enable you to program your best show in a matter of minutes. (*) Wireless DMX is standard on the Chimp W-DMX models, dedicated to the first universe.

The Chimp W-DMX models are equipped with a Wireless Solutions G5 Single Universe transmitter, which gives you even more flexibility. The latest technologies, such as Datasafe Technology and the Adaptive Frequency Hopping protocol, ensure a highly reliable wireless connection with error correction and extremely little latency. Distances up to 1000m (field of view) can be achieved with the included 5dBi antenna; far beyond normal cable ranges.