IP-1500 - 1500W Outdoor Fogger 240V, 50Hz

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The IP-1500 is Antari's waterproof fog machine, incorporating an innovative new design that earns it an IP-63 rating. Whether indoor or outside, the new IP-1500 delivers massive fog output with its state-of-the-art design and 1500 watts of power. Included in that design is an extremely precise temperature control system, highly efficient heat conservation system and an actually sensitive liquid detection system that senses when the fog output or liquid supply is running low.
Output: 20000 cu. Ft/min
Tank capacity: 1 liter
Fluid consumption: 11 minutes / 1 liter
Remote included: W-1 Wireless Transmitter
DMX: On board
IP Rating: IP-63
Weight: 13,5 kg
Dimensions: 450x220x180mm