MK-3622 36 Pair Studio Multicore, single shielded, price p. m.

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The DAP audio mulitpairs are extremely flexible and rugged, suitable for very difficult environments, Studio, Stage and above all Òon the road" use. The inner conductors are double colour coded and shielded with alufoil, each pair is XLPE Isolated and numbered.

Single shielded multicable
colour coded
Tough, roadproof quality
Each pair OFC-copper shielded

1. Masterjacket: Dark blue flexible roadproof PVC
2. Separator: Twistet cotton paper
3. Pairjacket: Numbered dark-blue PVC 3 mm
4. Pairshield: Silvercoatet Alufoil
5. Conductor insulation: Polyethelene red and white 1mm
6. Inner conductor: Oxigene free copper 99,997 OFC
7. Earth drainwire: Tinned copper

Each pair with alu-foil (OFC Copper), with exception of MK-3222.
Min. orderquantuty: 1m.
Max. on drum: 500m.

Max. 500m on spool
Number of pairs: 36
Conductor insulation in mm: PE, red+white, 1,0
Pair jacket in mm: PVC blue, (numbered), 3,0
Pair shield: Alufoil + tinned drainwire
Master jacket in mm: 26,5mm PVC, dark blue
Minimal bending radius: ³265
Weight (Kg/100 m): 880